Amsterdam bans 'nuisance' beer bikes in city center over complaints

Nov. 1 (UPI) — An Amsterdam court banned beer bikes from the city’s center to address mounting concerns over the party attractions.

The court ruling detailed reasons supporting a ban on beer bikes — contraptions that include bicycle seats and pedals arranged around a bar table.

The ruling said such activity, often geared toward tourists, can lead to debauchery and excess noise in the city center. The bikes also disrupt traffic on the area’s streets, many of which are narrow, the ruling said.

The ruling also noted that operations were previously put in place to reduce noise and other inconveniences. However, the measures did not work.

Beer bikes had become popular in Amsterdam, particularly for tourists celebrating group events.

However, city residents have become fed up with the activity. More than 6,000 people signing a petition in 2016 to ban the bikes.

The judges in Tuesday’s ruling agreed that the beer bikes were becoming a big enough problem for the city to ban them.

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