ATR Signs Deal with Phitek to Supply IFE Streaming

ATR has signed a deal with aircraft cabin
technology supplier Amphenol Phitek which will provide
operators with the option of a standalone wireless In-Flight
Entertainment (IFE) system.

 The IFE system will enhance the on board experience by
allowing passengers to read newspapers, download
tourist guides, listen to music and watch films, series or
other multimedia content on their personal electronic devices.

 Available from June 2018, this type of IFE will become an optional
feature on all new ATRs as well as being easily retrofittable on
existing aircraft.

This on board streaming will be delivered by a
simple, flexible IFE box solution. Since no electrical or
mechanical connections are necessary, this box can be installed or
removed as required, on every type of aircraft model. Airlines can
liaise with the supplier to determine the best possible streaming
content and consider the associated revenue opportunities.

Chris van der Loo, Marketing Director of Phitek,
said, “We are delighted to supply ATR with our innovative Wi-Fi
streaming products. This further enhances the flight experience on
board the ATR aircraft. ATR’s position at the forefront of
regional aviation demonstrates the superiority of their products
and the importance they attach to remaining at the cutting-edge of
aviation technology. The fact that they have chosen Phitek is
further proof of the quality of our smarter cabin products and
their success in creating the ultimate in-flight experience.”

Tom Anderson, ATR’s Senior Vice-President
Programs & Support, added, “ATR is constantly striving to improve
the in-flight experience we offer to ATR operators and their
passengers. This IFE streaming allows passengers more ways to
enjoy their flight while providing operators with additional
revenue potential.”

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