Ayana Bali launches new shopping complex

Ayana's new Balinese-style shopping area
Ayana’s new Balinese-style shopping area

Ayana Resort & Spa in Bali has launched a new retail area.

Located between the resort’s lobby and the Rock Bar, the new shopping complex features 12 boutique stores selling a range of goods, including traditional Balinese products.

Outlets include Uluwatu Shop, which sells handmade Balinese lace; Parang Kencana, a Batik clothing store; the Muse salon and hairdresser; Bali Zen, a home decoration company; White Door wedding gowns; L’atelier, the perfume label; By The Sea, a fashion store; Mughal carpets and accessories; and Cabe Putih, a jewellery and antiques shop.

Ayana’s own boutique will also be located in the new arcade, alongside a traditional ice-cream and yogurt parlour and a designer nail salon.

The new shopping area is designed in a traditional Balinese style, with thatched grass rooftops, fish pools and a wooden bridge. The precinct will be open daily from 9am to 10pm.

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