Bombardier Delivers First Learjet 75 Aircraft to a Brazilian Customer

Bombardier has delivered its first Learjet 75 aircraft to a Brazilian

America is the third largest market for business aviation
deliveries, with Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Venezuela making up over 80% of the regional fleet.

 The aircraft joins Bombardier’s business jet fleet of
685 Learjet, Challenger and Global aircraft in Latin America. Of
that total number, over 510 are Learjet aircraft.

Bombardier Learjet 75

“Learjet aircraft are iconic, rooted in deep pride and based
on a history of ingenuity. We are proud a Brazilian customer
selected the Learjet 75 for its class-leading performance, smooth
ride and most private and quiet cabin,” said Stephane Leroy, Vice
President, Sales, Latin America, Bombardier Business Aircraft.
“The Learjet 75 aircraft is the only business jet in its class to
feature a pocket door for reduced noise levels.” 

The Learjet 75
aircraft’s powerful engines and new winglet design enable it to
cruise at a speed of Mach 0.81 and climb to an impressive
operating ceiling of 51,000 feet (15,545 nm).

The Learjet
75 features a new cabin management system with individual
touchscreen monitors and full audio and video control, LED
lighting throughout the aircraft, and a generous baggage suite.

In 2016 an innovative pocket door was introduced
to the aircraft. The pocket door
divides the cabin from the entry area and reduces noise levels
inside the cabin by up to eight decibels, while creating a
distinct private living space for passengers.

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