Everything You Need to Know About Delayed Release

Delayed Release has been found out to be a common problem among men. This is all you need to know about the ailment.

A medical expert warns lads not to ignore this shockingly common p*nis condition.

While you may be familiar with erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature Release (PE), there’s another s*xual issue that most men keep quiet about.

Delayed Release (DE) is the third most common s*xual disorder for men, but it’s rarely spoken about.

According to a survey by the British Association of s*xual Health and HIV, the condition affects between 5% and 11% of lads in the UK.

The s*xual performance issue, which is sometimes referred to as retarded Release (RE) or impaired Release, can be either temporary or a lifelong problem.

Men who suffer from DE will have difficulty in climaxing during s*x and usually need more than 30 minutes of s*xual stimulation in order to climax, while some lads won’t be able to release at all.

To mark International Men’s Health Week, we spoke to Dr Seth Rankin about the surprisingly common p*nis problem.

The medical expert, who founded the London Doctors Clinic, revealed that delayed Release typically stems from a few main causes.

He said: “Common causes of delayed Release can be both psychological and physical.


“They include anxiety (which is the most common psychological cause), vascular diseases such as diabetes and neurological conditions like neuropathy.


“Delayed Release can also be a side effect of some medication. Therefore, the type of treatment depends on the underlying cause.”

While there’s currently no medication to treat DE, s*x therapy and meditation have proven to be effective in some cases.

If you’re concerned about DE, or any other medical issue, you should talk to your GP who can properly diagnose the condition.

It’s typically more common for men to suffer from premature Release which affects roughly 30% of lads at some point in their lives, with 10% frequently suffering from it.

Typically a guy with PE will blow his load less than two minutes into s*x, while the average guy can last for just over seven minutes.

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