Ex-NBA stars get into heated argument at BIG3

Andrew Joseph
Published 8:18 p.m. ET July 31, 2017

Nobody is going to doubt how serious Stephen Jackson takes the BIG3. Just ask Charles Oakley.

During Sunday’s BIG3 event in Dallas, Oakley – the coach of Killer 3’s – pulled Jackson from the game after he kept arguing with the officials over a foul.

As a result, Jackson took his frustration out on Oakley in what turned into an absolutely incredible exchange.

At one point, Jackson told Oakley that his team wasn’t going to win if he’s on the bench. Oakley couldn’t believe it.

And sure, the BIG3 has its share of issues, but the continued arguments between Jackson and Oakley do make for some quality entertainment.

Jackson ended up scoring 23 points in a 50-40 win.

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