Florida HS fined $14K for single out-of-season practice

Say what you will about the Florida High School Athletic Association, but the FHSAA does not mess around when it comes to levying fines. The latest proof of that comes in Boca Raton.

As reported by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Boca Raton High School was fined a whopping $14,000 for holding an unauthorized team basketball practice outside the accepted basketball season. Yes, that is $14,000 for one unapproved basketball practice.

That must have been some practice, huh?

To be fair, the fine against Boca Raton was so heavy because it wasn’t the school’s first violation; per the Sun-Sentinel, the school was previously fined $10,000 and placed on administrative probation for another facilities violation.

The details about the Boca Ration violation are straightforward, and the school and coach responsible for it self-reported the violation. No one was hiding anything.

So, did the FHSAA really need to fine a public high school a fee that would cover multiple coaches salaries for a year?

That’s the FHSAA’s policy, and it isn’t about to change it. Sorry, Boca Raton. Hope you have that checkbook handy.

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