Ologbotsere Title: Ugbarojo Omaja wants family to restart selection process

A member of Ugbarojo  Omaja (Assembly of Itsekiri Masses) has faulted the claim by the Ologbotsere Family of Warri Kingdom credited to Mr. William Anukun, Secretary General to the family, describing it as false.

The Ologbotsere family, was in a statement by Anukun, on Friday, August 18, 2017 in Vanguard on page 13, quoted to have said: “That the rigours that Ayiri’s selection generated were probably the most painstaking in the history of selecting an Ologbotsere.”

In a statement, Prof. Tony Afejuku, a member of Ugbarajo Omaja, maintained that: ‘’Members of Ugbarojo Omaja, on whose behalf the statement was made totally rejected Anukun’s specious claim to any rigour or iota of due process in the nomination of Chief Ayiri Emami as a would-be Ologbetsere of the great and mighty kingdom.’’

According to him, “In fact, Mr. Anukun’s statement is not only defectively specious but is also patently false. If this is not so, why has our truth-and-justice-loving monarch referred the matter of the selection of our kingdom’s next Ologbotsere back to the family in order to make room for unarguably broad interaction for the purpose of carrying everybody along?

“Why has our peace-loving monarch, who rightly cherishes a transparent, non-discriminatory process that would give rise to the production of a broadly acceptable candidate referred the matter back to the family?

“The reason is simple; our monarch wants the mother of all amities in our kingdom. Our monarch wants peace and unity in his kingdom. Our monarch detests any semblance of intra-Itsekiri strife in his kingdom.

“At the time of our issuing this statement, we have no evidence that the Ologbotsere family has yielded (or is yielding) to the Olu’s directive by way of a called meeting of the family to relay correctly the Olu’s directive.

“In other words, there is no evidence that suggested that further consultations that are broad and wide as the sky are taking place to resolve the stalemated matter in such a manner to meet the expectations of Itsekiri people in order to avoid further protests from Itsekiri people and masses.

“Ologbotsere family should and must reconvene now to begin anew the selection process. A stitch in time saves the trouble,” he added.


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