Sabre Labs Publishes 2017 Radar Report

Sabre has released its latest technology
forecast, Sabre Labs’ 2017 Radar Report.

 The report evaluates nine key technologies
with an outsized impact on the travel landscape, looking at what’s
happening today and what to expect for tomorrow.

“We are in the midst of increasingly rapid and
dramatic technological change, poised to revolutionize how and
where we travel,” said Mark McSpadden, vice president of emerging
products and technologies for Sabre Corporation. “Technologies
like artificial intelligence, neural interfaces and quantum
computing each have the potential to produce change as dramatic as
the growth of the Internet.”

Here’s a sneak peak at what’s included in the
Radar Report:

 Blockchain – Being hailed as the new
“Internet of Trust”, blockchain is awash in innovators looking to
transform industries, governments, commerce and culture. Sabre looks
at short and long term effects most likely to change the travel

 Neural Interfaces – When it comes to the
mind, there are two very different challenges: extracting
information out and transferring new information in. Neural
interfaces attempt to address one or both challenges, and can do
so in either an invasive or non-invasive way.

Space Tourism – Mars is the final frontier of
human travel for our lifetimes, but closer to home, commercial and
government competition is heating up as a 21st century “space
race”. It’s not just promising orbiting hotels, but trickle down
technologies that will bring all corners of the earth closer

“The next generation will see a radical
transformation of how we live, work and play,” said McSpadden. “We
see tremendous opportunities for businesses to start experimenting
with and implementing technologies like blockchain, augmented
reality and trusted presence to help shape a more seamless, safe
and personalized future for travel.”

Sabre Labs is the travel and technology
innovation team within Sabre devoted to exploring how new
capabilities will impact travel over the next decade.

 The full 2017 Radar Report is freely available
for download .pdf format


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