Thailand’s Minor Hotels Group Selects Cendyn as CRM Partner

Thailand’s Minor Hotels Group has selected
Cendyn as its CRM partner.

 Cendyn will implement a guest intelligence
solution utilising data collected from multiple sources to provide
a single profile of each guest. This visibility will enable every
brand in the group to gain a clear understanding about the history
and preferences of each guest in real time, regardless of how they

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Eric Cartwright, Director Loyalty &
Partnerships, Minor Hotels, said, “While we grow
beyond our current state, following our roadmap of expansion, we
need to future-proof our customer platforms to allow us the
ability to immediately recognise our valued repeat guests as well
as our first-time guests in a manner that augments our existing
Discovery loyalty programme, delivering insights on each
individual so that we can drive loyalty through service delivery,
analytics, and timely communication. As we expand, this platform
will enable us to easily add functionality and service to our
growing portfolio, without the need to rethink platforms.”

Using data to pave the way in how hoteliers
communicate with their guests has revolutionised how they can
learn more about their guests’ interactions, drive direct
bookings, maintain brand presence with their most valuable guests
and stay competitive in their market.

Charles Deyo, CEO & President of Cendyn,
said, “Using Cendyn’s fully integrated eInsight CRM solution will allow each of
their five brands to harness their data to better understand their
guests and improve how they engage and drive loyalty with them.
Year on year, Cendyn’s eInsight CRM customers continue to see
increased brand loyalty from their guests which has led to
significant return on investment for each of our clients. We look
forward to seeing such growth with Minor Hotels.”

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