Zimbabwe: State of Roads Heavily Affecting Tourism Industry – Minister Mzembi

Photo: The Herald

Zimbabwe’s roads are like death traps.

Tourism minister, Walter Mzembi, said poor roads and dilapidated signage on the roads are hindering the growth of the sector in the country.

Mzembi, who was officiating at the National Tourism Master Plan workshop in Harare on Thursday, said many tourism destinations are not accessible owing to bad road networks.

“The roads are the arteries of the economy, and it is high time that we start talking serious business about the road network and accessibility. Roads must lead somewhere and they should lead to where there is economic activity,” said Mzembi.

“Many of our hidden treasures in the country are not known because they are not accessible and I am however glad that this master plan attempts to speak to the future to say that if we want to know all these assets they must be accessible.

“There must be a transport artery that actually exposes them,” he said.

Minister Mzembi who recently complained about the increased number of roadblocks which he said were impacting on the smooth flow of tourists, also said dilapidated signage was greatly affecting the same.

Most road destination signs have either been vandalized or have collapsed due to lack of maintains.

Most of the country’s roads including highways are impassable.

Recently, the state road fund administrator, Zinara, approved plans to borrow up to $100 million from local banks to replenish the country’s road network which had been made worse by the heavy rains received in the last season.

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